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What some of Paul’s celebrity clients have to say…

” Love all of Paul’s treatments, they always make me feel great and energized”
Jamie Oliver

” From personal experience I find that Paul has remarkable powers in the field of psychic and healing abilities”
J. Lloyd.. OBE. Writer

How much money do we spend each year on our external life? 1000’s of pounds generally, and how much of that, whether its shopping, spa treatments etc gives us any real long lasting happiness and fulfilment? Not much really for we always need to ‘top up’ that need. There’s nothing wrong with those external needs for we all enjoy them and they do help. But deep down inside we are all searching for longer lasting unconditional feelings, and we can only access them if we chose to surrender to our inner self. If you are Tired of Being Tired – Fed up with Being Fed Up, THEN USE A FRACTION OF THAT ‘External money’ for your inner self that’s been screaming at you for so long now for attention.

What you don’t realise is there’s a full life within that can transmute those unwanted thoughts feelings and fears by just being present in your life – we are all powerful within and have just forgotten how to be – so take that journey and become the Radiant, Empowered being you have always wanted to FEEL. There’s a difference between Feelings and emotions; they are not the same. Emotions are very much controlled by your head and pull you all over the place – Feelings are heart centred and there is no comparison. The physical universe is a reflection of your own inner workings – if you think negatively then you will attract just that – if you believe that you have the power to manifest and let go of fear, then you will draw everything to you that you need. TAKE CONTROL TODAY! IT’S YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.

Here’s some Of Paul’s Testimonials.

I have been working with Paul since 2012 and have experienced tremendous improvements in my physical and mental health as a consequence of the treatments I have been receiving. Paul uses a combination of craniosacral therapy, regression and metaphysical treatments that work at the deepest and most subtle levels of the body and the mind. Read more.
Having had lots of conventional therapy and counselling, I was always curious about non conventional therapies such as healing. A good friend of mine had gone to see Paul and she highly recommended him, so off I went. Quite a few sessions later it still shocks me as to what I have managed to achieve with the aid of Paul. Read More
When I had my first Theta/ Cranial Sacral therapy treatment with Paul Quinton, I immediately acknowledged how he was so insightful and could read my bodies energy so clearly. This led me to continue having more sessions, as I felt, not only was Paul spot on with what my needs were in order to heal myself holistically, yet I always left the sessions feeling calm and full of clarity.
Ladan Soltani, Holistic Health & Fitness Professional

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