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Paul Quinton

Transformational Coach & Healer

Stress & Anxiety Free Living – Emotional Wellbeing

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Paul at Work

Paul Quinton
Paul Quinton
Exhibiting at the Mind Body Spirit Show in London

‘Some of Paul’s Highlights’

I am a Coach and Psychic healer, certified in Theta Healing™and Cranial Sacral Therapy. I use a number of healing therapies which are tailored to each individual, which enables me to focus completely on YOU. I may combine spiritual healing, psychic healing,Theta healing™ with Cranial Sacral Therapy to ensure the best possible results, which take care of your emotional, mental and physical needs.

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Being a Transformational Coach means to value your clients needs and aspirations – then tailor those goals into a suitable program that is achievable moreover fun and exciting. I require 100% attention and focus on the tasks given, that you value the work we are doing, and surrender to the process. Through all my years working with clients, I have found that if you do the work half heartedly you won’t get the results you are looking for; it’s also a waste of your time and money. The main reason you would come for coaching would be to ‘Get out of your head’, for true freedom and empowerment of any individual comes from surrendering the minds control.’ Human thinking cause more suffering’. Your true power lies in your heart, and only when you are heart centred can you be in full control. Just look at the repetitive cycles in your life and beliefs that never change, not to mention society’s worst drug of all… ‘Criticism and Judgement’, again a construct of the ego mind. When you judge and criticise yourself and others you can never be in your true power.
Decide clearly on what you want in life!

Individual sessions are always tailored to your personal needs, thus ensuring success at every stage. I’ll assess your personal history, always looking at the root cause of any illness, dysfunction or emotional blockage – including stress & anxiety. If you have also been to the doctors, had all the tests and nothing shows up, then there’s a very good chance its emotionally based, many people have pains, lumps etc and the shortfalls of modern medicine unfortunately don’t take into accounts our ‘Whole Being’, so brush it off as nothing – but in truth it’s your emotional and mental bodies screaming out for attention. We all have to face our past at some time, for we can’t carry the baggage forever, moreover you will never find true happiness and health if you hold on – this is just a basic Universal truth.

I’ll show you how to connect to your power, heal the past & present, also giving you tools to use for the rest of your life.

You will you receive a FREE ‘Self Empowerment Manual’ when you sign up for any individual sessions – valued at £75. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.

For centuries we have turned to conventional strategies in our search for health and wellbeing. And yet what do we have to show? As a population, we are more diseased then ever, ridden with problems from cancer to depression. Given the ever-growing frequency of these, it is perhaps not surprising that people are turning to alternative means by which their health is assured. It is my goal to draw upon various holistic practices in restoring mental, emotional and physical wellbeing to the many aspects of people’s lives.

Through many years of studying and practising my work, I have come to appreciate the value of the individual, as a tool in their own therapy. It is the individual who brought disharmony into their life, so it’s the individual who can bring it out. You hold the key to your own wellbeing, and it is my goal to help you find it along your path towards radiant health. People do not stray from health consciously. Rather, ill-being is manifested through subconscious processes which only serve to block energy flow throughout one’s body, mind & spirit. Health is in essence, a very simple concept to define. It is where one corresponds with the energy frequency of ‘normal’ and projects a radiance which is in accord with one’s purpose. As beings of creation, we are by default, supposed to be healthy. Yet when junk clutters the subconscious, the default falls victim to error and the system starts to malfunction. By targeting one’s core, I aspire to resolve blockages that may have manifested unfavourably in one’s life, enabling one to emerge feeling enlightened and empowered.

I have devoted many years to healing and practising the various modalities of energy medicine. I am strongly committed to channelling this energy and harnessing its potential for the restoration of health and wellbeing on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. My practice follows a natural evolution, centred upon reconnecting the individual with their higher self. The initial focus is based on releasing past blockages (fear, anger, resentment, trauma ,abuse etc..) and then by making an informed decision of whether one feels comfortable with wanting more from one’s life. On the conscious level we are quick to assert our desires for broad-scale abundance. ‘Sure, I want to be more healthy, have more energy, attract better relationships, have a more successful career!’ However, subconsciously this may not be matched and can be used to account for any stagnation one may be experiencing. At this stage, questions we would explore could be: ‘Do I want to be empowered, not to live with worry, fear or have scarcity thoughts of the future? Do I want to manifest the reality I truly desire? Only through such probing, can you discover what your life purpose is and initiate the action that shall assist you in its manifestation.

Ultimately it has been said that there are only two real emotions, ‘LOVE & fear’. Everything we do and feel is governed by these emotions. Approach life with the consciousness of love, and you shall attract inspiration, creative manifestation and fulfilment. Live in the realisation of fear, and create a reality of limitation, hardship and burden. You reach out for what you give out. By connecting to that inner most part of you, fear fades away, challenges become less daunting and you take on a bird’s eye view of life.

Whilst conventional medicine looks at symptoms, I work directly on the Chakra system, Aura and Inner Child in targeting the cause of the problem at hand. By integrating these various modalities, the cause can be nipped at its root and prevented from troubling the individual any further.

I believe its also important to clear the genetic line of any impurities, addiction, illnesses etc.. Before one manifests what one desires. For instance, if a woman wants to become pregnant, she would be advised to perform this cleanse such that her eggs are free from any energy burdens that could impact the child at some stage in its life. It would predispose the child to a more fulfilling and easy life, especially in light of the inherent’ dis-eases’. We have awoken to a new era; one which appreciates our true sense of being and one which is free from the limitations of science and conventional medicine. Here we can draw upon our own resources to heal and evolve at a faster and more efficient rate. In combining the practices of Theta Healing, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Readings and massage I can facilitate in making this reality.

Here’s some of my work to help you get started!

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