There are a few packages to choose from – these are highlighted below.

Transformational Coaching at Universal Healing is all about putting you back in control of your life, giving you tools and tips you can use for the rest of your life. The magic around this type of coaching is the ability to ‘get out of your head’ and be more heart centred in how you view the world, your relationships both with others and yourself.

Most people in today’s world are fed up with being fed up – constantly battling with their minds and the many fears projected from that platform, not to mention addictions, emotional disharmony and the many ailments that plague our physical bodies.

It doesn’t matter what your background is, or your belief systems – we are all in the same boat when it comes to the mind. Transformational Coaching will allow you to unlearn negative belief patterns, identify the blocks that are stopping you from feeling; empowered, in control, free of fear etc…

The truth is that Transformational Coaching is really about getting you out of your head and into your heart. All your fear, judgment and criticism comes from the mind, and when you indulge in these emotions and beliefs you are pushing yourself further away from your true self. This part of you is buried deep within – yearning to be in the forefront and the runner of your life. We must all surrender our ego minds to truly be free – Our coaching will give you that freedom, that ability to transcend fear based consciousness. You will be amazed at the power within you – untapped for so long now.

What will happen?

You will be coached on a weekly basis at the clinic or on skype/phone. There will be a work book to go through; this is done in your own time and in conjunction with your appointments. It will bring up painful emotions sometimes – this is all part of the healing process. There’s no point learning skills on a mainstream level only to revert months or years down the track back in to the old ways because your haven’t cleared your emotional/mental baggage. Anyone can learn affirmations and mind techniques – this is different in such – it’s an holistic approach looking at and identifying every aspect of your being – everything is connected.

Initial Contact?

Firstly we’ll go through an in-depth consultation to establish your needs, aspirations and basically see where you are at. We then get to know each other, build rapport, ask any questions and start your journey into personal freedom.

What will I gain?

– Personal freedom both in health wealth and mind
– Ability to say ‘No’ (what haven’t you been able to say no to all your life?)
– Firm ingrained values that steer your life in the right direction
– Freedom from fear and deliberating belief systems
– Powerful tools and tips for the rest of your life
– Observation of yourself (the basis of any transformation is observation first)
– Emotional control – identifying and releasing past hurts
– A feeling of ’Calm’ – even when everything is around you is like a storm. ‘That’s true power’!
– Happiness – Inner strength
– Manifesting and creating techniques (very powerful and once mastered you will never be without or live in lack ever again)
– The most powerful and important transition,’ Out of your head’ & into‘ Your heart’
– How your mind works and its many deceptions – ‘Transcend ego consciousness’

Bronze Package

  • 5 Coaching sessions
  • Heal Your Life workbook
  • Mentoring Workbook – Tips & Tools

Silver Package

  • 8 Coaching sessions
  • Heal Your Life workbook
  • Mentoring Workbook – Tips & Tools
  • Heal Your Life Makeover Meditations
  • Follow up support – Email

Gold Package

  • 12 Coaching sessions
  • Heal Your Life workbook
  • Mentoring Workbook – Tips & Tools
  • Heal Your Life Makeover Meditations
  • Follow up support – Phone (Includes After hours) & Email