Depending on the release and how much the soul lets go off, will vary the feelings. You can feel happy, sad, the physical body may release in certain ways, anger, euphoric, a general feeling of relief and lightness are whats feed back to me. Some people do worry about how they will feel after, the main thing is you have done what your soul has been craving, you speed up your evolution and bring back peace and harmony to the mind body spirit. Always remember if you don’t release it now it will only manifest more problems for you in the future.

I am mainly a channel for the universal energy and consciousness, through me it identifies and heals at the root cause the ailment or condition the person is suffering with, ellivating the individuals consciousness and intuition, this is combined with my energy and awareness of the person through my own psychic ability to align with the universal awareness, combining the techniques i work with.

This will vary, depending on the issues addressed, some people 3-4, then others ill see weekly for a few weeks or months. The best part is that you will know intuitively; it will just feel right. The healings are very profound due to the universal energy coming through, so the time will become irrelevant, its as much time as the soul needs.

We’ll start with your breakthrough session to establish your background, history, needs and aspirations. Once you are comfortable with the plan going forward I’ll give you 2 workbooks that you will read and go through in your own time – they will help you release, acknowledge, learn important tips and tools for moving forward successfully. You will have one on one sessions once or twice weekly depending. You will have access to me most days of the week for Q&A. There will be a few variables depending on your package and what you want to achieve and also working within your belief systems; I don’t want to overwhelm you. Your happiness and cooperation is tantamount to success and with the right mind set you will achieve all that we set out to do.