So much is happening around the world at this time in History and it’s scary for a lot of people. How do we stop our emotional bodies filling with even more fear than we already carry? How much of the news and its focus on negativity do we actually absorb? Do you watch the news to be informed or are you sub-consciously drawn to it for other reasons. As a collective consciousness we still haven’t rid ourselves for the need for war. Many of you will say i don’t believe in war and never had, but what is conscious is not always the same unconsciously, and as a human being we are all ‘plugged’ into the same experience, and this experience right now on the space time continuum is about sovereignty on earth and recognizing the shortfalls in our current paradigm.

Its the transition from the head into the heart. And here lies  the problem; surrendering to the ‘SOUL’S PURPOSE’. The ego mind has such a fear of rejection that it will sit on the side lines often. The heart is the universe, the Source, the very thing that keeps your heart beating. Have you ever really asked what keeps it beating? It most certainly isn’t anything physical, despite what any medical professional might tell you. Its universal current, life force from a universal mind of absolute profound incomprehensible intelligence.  We must start to remember who we really are and trust in what you can’t see; the very thing that created us.

To dispel fear and integrate our emotional bodies we must look into the heart and only then can you truly believe and trust. I write these articles because i see people suffer with this issue every day. As a mentally focused society we have neglected our emotional bodies and as such created fear and lack. Your mind is a magnet and it pulls to you everything you fear, moreover the beliefs you hold are constantly reinforced.

The greatest challenge we all face right now is surrendering to the Soul; to believe and trust in its mission. Once you let go and give it permission each day to be in charge, then and only then will your life start to feel different.