Sometimes when we feel out of balance we come to realize we are blocking our creativity, as the soul yearns for expression through its language of symbolism, archetype and metaphors; its doesn’t communicate through logic. As you express yourself creatively, you don’t only become more intuitive, you start to heal the emotional body, for many of us we are blocked on this level. We try to heal through medication and talking round in circles, but this can lead to stagnation of emotions as their outlet really resides with the soul as it processes your experiences.

Many of us at school were creative but as we moved into adulthood we forgot that part of us as our logical minds dominate our societal structure, which in turn blocks that vital part that needs to be expressed to keep us flowing with the universal current. Don’t delay if you are feeling out of sorts, classic signs are irritability, fatigue, restlessness, anger, and confusion. Listen to your body, notice the signs. Its even more important now to come back to reality of how you actually function as a real human being. You all know deep down this is true and many of you are starting to see through the illusion and glamour of our modern world and its fictitious front.

Join a class now, or start writing or drawing or find that expression that best suits you. Most importantly listen to your inner self as you express. Whats your soul trying to tell you? What lessons is it trying to convey? Notice the thoughts and feelings that arise and pay attention to your true self, you we love yourself for it!