1c398064df5460d4e72d65b9_1920There’s an ancient language archeologists have been looking for for centuries, ‘the one language’, that we all use to speak. Little do they know that the language is with us always and never left (we’ve just forgotten how to use it). Ironically most of the places they looked had tribal people living in the area who actually use it everyday. It was right under their noses all along, they just didn’t possess the intuition to see it.

You will always miss opportunities if you think with your head and not with your heart.

The one language is called the language of the heart; it comprises of Archetype, Symbolism and metaphors. Practice going in to your heart through meditation and you will let go of those small ‘Thoughts’ and you will Succeed in all that you desire.

Also be prepared that what think you should be doing in life is actually completely different from the reason for why you came here (soul contract). Get ready for a positive shift in consciousness and awareness by going into your heart! That’s where dreams are made.