What we are not being told.


There is a paradigm shift occurring that isn’t in the mainstream awareness and its starting to unsettle many of us – some subtle some not so. Even the medical profession is feeling the push. So many people are going to the doctors with lumps, pains, strange feelings, muscular issues fatigue and many more ailments – they are doing all the tests known to modern medicine and NOTHING is coming back with an answer – Why? That’s simple, the problems are in the emotional body that modern medicine unfortunately disregards (if they can’t see it then it’s not real) and ‘Light Body’ symptoms. Light body is the new energetic signature your physical body is now adjusting to, the atom is spinning faster so must our bodies become ‘lighter’ and as more light infuses the physical body the vibration raises. For it to raise, we must all shed our ‘baggage’ of the past and come out of our heads. Ego consciousness is becoming obsolete; for the time of the heart is upon us all. If we deny this Universal truth we become lost and confused – even worse cause our selves disease and illness. The Soul cannot, and will not allow you to move forward without addressing your past.

The reason why we feel we are going around in circles, losing motivation and interest in things moreover un-happy, bored and confused, is we are operating from 1% of our consciousness ; The Ego Mind. The other 99% is in the heart, and we all sign soul contracts when we reincarnate for a particular life – guess what this was in this one – to open up to your soul and embrace the energetic transition. The confusion etc is our deniability that we are more than the physical, that we are not here to live and be controlled by outside influences. You must take back your power back and recognize the entrapment of your mind.