Gratitude is often over looked in life as we can take things for granted or its just a given to have support or be provided for. Being thankful for even the negative experiences in life is an essential part of your soul’s growth, as they are all in truth teaching tools. If we take things for granted we slowly come out of alignment with the universal flow that orbits every human encounter. Remembering and saying thank-you each day, opens up your heart to more universal love and assistance.

This simply and most humble approach clears the way for more positivity in your life, it also set the intention of the day ,which allows more space for growth and appreciation. You are then grounding yourself, being present with all that’s in your life, moreover you will become much more observant of all that comes to you. 

Thankful to Earth, nature and the animal kingdom connects you more to your soul as you start to remember your universal awareness and the importance they all play in your life.