The Illusion Of Fear

What is it that holds you back from achieving your goals? What is the ‘Root’ cause?

Its the negative ego’s mindset, and it has kept you prisoner for years. It creates a false sense of security and when you dare to step outside its power, it fills you with fear and dread. When we accept our duality and chose love over fear we transcend this ‘lie’ of who we really are. Are your fears even real? Or are they from society, your parents, your genetic make up. Have you ever asked the question? If you don’t believe that you are the creator of your own reality, then at some level fear is blocking you; moreover you are not living your full potential.

The Soul’s language of Symbolism, Metaphor, and Archetype are the way into the inner world where all this can be healed, our modern society has forgotten the power of the inner world, for everything is externalized these days. This is why we play out the same old dramas and live with fear for most of our lives. Work with your visualization & Imagination, you have so much untapped power within you.

* Let go of the past; FORGIVE! and move on!

* Wake up each morning with a mission statement for that day. A simple one would be,’ I choose LOVE over fear today’.

* Work with you soul to release all that doesn’t serve your highest good. Contact me for exercises.


Upcoming Events

1. Four Workshops in central London running from Sept- Nov this year. Please see my website for full details.

2. Free gift being launched next month through, I’ve put together a Free Mp3 for living in the heart, followed by a 5 day program into your consciousness. After those 5days you will be offered a home course to complete in your own time. A subjective look into every aspects of your past ready to create the future you desire. I will have video’s on source TV explaining in full the idea behind my program.