Joy holds one of the highest universal vibrations, it emanates directly from love, and they are one in the same. We lose sight of what’s around us all the time, either our mind fixates on a particular issue or we adopt tunnel vision. We need to stop and look around; you can see joy everywhere if you are looking for it.

How many of us go to work looking for Joy? Not many, as most of us can’t wait for the day to end so we can go back to our loved ones or hobbies. We generally have our minds and hearts set on Joy, through after work activities, holidays and the weekends.

It’s your birthright to be happy, notice what’s around you, be more observant, let your guard down a little, smile when you wouldn’t normally. We are all dying for it inside!!!

Joy has the highest vibration of our emotions; it cuts through anger like a knife through butter. Joy keeps things alive, relationships, connection to your pets, your sport and hobbies.

Laughter Joy and happiness is one of the greatest healers. When we smile and laugh our entire energetic system lights up. It has the power with focused intent to remove negativity from our being, moreover it opens the heart to more love compassion and empathy; which we ALL must embrace at some stage along our Soul’s journey.

Start now!! – The movie Patch Adams was a good representation of this, a true; revolutionary story.

If you need some help to feel joyful, here are 3 tips to help you feel the Power of Joy:-

1. Wake up in the morning and affirm,”I experience more joy today in all aspects of my life!”

If you set the intention from the moment you wake, you are already creating Joyful opportunities to arise, wake up pessimistic and pessimism is what you will create.

SET THE INTENTION, even do it right now!!!

2. If you find it hard to be joyful; Smile. When we smile you automatically bring the Joy vibration to the surface, you won’t be able to help it. That’s not a new tip but it’s one worth remembering.

3. If you find it hard to bring joy into your life, you may need to do some healing, a lot of the time it’s our relationship to our inner child. It’s important to keep the continuity of joy flowing through our whole lives; to keep us on path with our Soul’s journey. Moreover it keeps us healthy.