What do we really know about fear?

Once you understand the purpose of your fear, you can makes changes to overcome it. Now whenIi say purpose I mean the universal understanding, as knowledge is power. If you understand the facts then it’s easier to deal with the emotion of fear, for you can rationalize its presence rather than being overwhelmed by the intense emotion that holds you in its grip. Then it becomes easier to work through. Let’s be honest most of the time we aren’t thinking about our fears; we’re feeling it. From the womb you are already genetically carrying your ancestral fear, plus the fears your mother maybe experiencing. All are passed on and recorded in your DNA.

Fear is an illusion in truth and is there, primarily to reflect your shadow self. Without it you could never truly understand its polar opposite of LOVE. You always have a choice and if you are reading this newsletter then it’s time to make a change. Synchronicity is a universal gift. Don’t let fear hold you back any longer, ‘How many times has it interfered with what you want to do’?

  1. If you fear something or a situation, get the facts and break it down into small baby steps.
  2. Challenge yourself daily with small attainable steps to overcome the small fears first, this way you build confidence and rapport with your true self. For example with bugs, stand closer each time you see one, breathe through the fear, and visualise yourself holding one in your hand.
  3. Go to your boss or college and express constructively how you truly feel; that issue that’s always been nagging you, or maybe for the overdue raise you’ve been waiting for.
  4. Retreat in to nature, feel the connection to the earth (Gaia), let go of all your fears, nature is a wonderful healer. Sit under a tree and just ramble, speak about whatever is holding you back, then be receptive to an answer. The answers are always there we’ve just forgotten how to listen.

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