What Values do you hold in your heart; not your mind?37560e4e7bbbc7704f7d0601_1920

If you want to get ahead spiritually and energetically then you need to re-assess your values. We all break them to conform and keep the peace many times during our lives. It’s very important now that we all pay attention to what we ‘cant’ see.

What a lot of people don’t understand or have really taken from the whole Mayan calendar 2012 awareness; is the greatest opportunities for growth and release. As the end of the 3rd dimension is closing or shall we say is still overlapping to the 4th, it’s giving us a blessing to align with our highest selves to overcome 3rddimensional realties; the wheel of karma you might say. Aligning now with the ‘Soul’s values’ allows colossal shifts to occur.

As we come out of our minds (3D reality) and move into our hearts (4D reality) we operate at a completely different level of consciousness. We must surrender individually and planetary as a race to this reality; allowing the ego to still run things will cause you discomfort on all levels of your being.

The big one to watch out for is feeling lost and confused, and I’ll tell you for those that have kept it all together mentally for years and are denying the change will find it extremely difficult, as they have only ever lived in the mind; living in the heart is very different. It’s already happening to someone you know right now. Help when you can, and ALWAYS pass on information to your fellow human being.

What Values do you hold in your heart, not your mind? Your mind values are programs either through ecology, genetics or physical interactions. Values of the heart are soul based universal in nature and eternal. You figure out which ones you should follow. Don’t lie to yourself anymore!