General information.

It’s important to beware that energies and entities are present all the time around us – the same as everything is spinning at the sub atomic level: just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. How many times have you been around someone or gone in to a building or room and felt uncomfortable, or felt a weird sensation of some sort? Probably quite a few times over the years. Entities & energies attach themselves to everything, especially people and objects. If you buy antiques, the chances are very high that they will have old feelings attached to them; this goes for belongings, jewellery and clothes. I’ll give you a good example, I had just cleared a clients house – 3 weeks later she called me and said I feel very uncomfortable again in my home – now I had cleared the house and thought this is a little strange, what’s going on. When I went back and sat at the back of the house, did my usual scan room to room – as I was scanning the lounge I said the house is fine except at the left hand side of the of your lounge room. I went and physically looked, for my client had just purchased an old antique rug. She said actually I do feel worse whilst sitting on the couch next to the rug – the rug was full of anger and resentment from previous owners. If you are lucky enough to be sensitive to these energies you will feel them and be able to act accordingly, otherwise it will affect you and cause other issues and you wouldn’t necessarily know where they are coming from. Worse case scenario you may have a spirit that’s entered your home. Drugs and alcohol are an easy way for them to enter because your guard is down, you would see it in certain people you know, their attitudes will change dramatically; worse their appearance will change especially the colour of their eyes. Someone who you didn’t know like from a party that enters your home could bring one or more with them; if they like it they’ll stay.
The same goes for your business – energies and entities can repel your clients, moreover your finances and the flow of abundance coming to you. This can also extend to negatively orientated humans who can, if powerful enough, block you with negative thought forms and astral entities. I’ve worked extensively with Middle Eastern, African and South American people, who have all been attacked through black magic, some with dire consequences, so just because you may live in a western society doesn’t mean it can’t affect you. The irony is that 2/3rds of the world’s population are very much aware of this form of magic; most of the Asian cultures practice it too.

Why would you have it done?

If you move into a new home, don’t feel comfortable in any area of your existing residence, or your finances are starting to slow up and business is failing in any area of your work, then there is a good chance it’s esoterically connected to something. Look at the signs; they are always around you we just don’t tune in – a fault of western living unfortunately. Who’s different in your life? Are you causing the problem through negative thinking – likes attract! Has competition moved close to you? Are there still issues with an old partner, business or personal? Have you married into a culture previously mentioned? (NB: I am not accusing these other cultures for we are all human and beautiful at the core, just in my experience I found it to be commonly practiced in these places).

How does it work?

Remotely or I come to your residence or place of business. Remotely because everything is connected – Quantum physics explains how this occurs. I will sit and tune in, clear what needs to be removed and provide insight into the how & when.