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Theta Healing™ is particularly effective at restoring harmony within your body, mind and spirit. Gaining steady appraise amongst the holistic health community, the technique utilities the theta brain wave to enter a deeper level of consciousness and being. Oscillating at a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second, the theta experience can be likened to a light meditation and permits the journeying into your deeper self and the exploration of your beliefs, attitudes and memories, exploring the spiritual.

Theta healing does have its roots in spiritual healing. Its becoming widely popular in London and the Uk

What attains Theta Healing™ its unique appeal, is its ability to bring out aspects of an individual he/she never thought possible. Operating beyond the limitations of perception, theta healing evokes the discovery of your spiritual, creative and inspirational being. In theta, you become greatly resourceful and are able to absorb information much more easily. Under conditions of normal waking consciousness, the brain is maintained within the frequency of beta. In beta mode, you are highly critical and sabotage the ease at which you process life and gain from experience. However in Theta, you are able to rise above this tendency, and seek the path towards true enlightenment.

Life is more then a string of haphazard coincidences. Rather, it is given to you according to your thoughts – thoughts that only you yourself create. Theta Healing™ harnesses this philosophy to resolve negative beliefs which are otherwise non-serving in everyday life. The healing itself is always performed alongside a reading, where the practitioner scans the body to identify blocks at the mental, emotional and physical level. Whether they manifest as ill health or some other all-consuming drama, destructive beliefs can be nipped at their roots and replaced with empowering, self-enhancing ones. The low-vibration emotions of anger, resentment, guilt and fear can further collaborate to poison the body and initiate disease. In restoring wellbeing, Theta Healing™ cleanses the psyche of restricting and burdensome emotions, in view of more uplifting and self-purposeful alternatives.


The Benefits Of Theta Healing™

The benefits of Theta Healing™ have been noted scientifically. Research has discovered that certain brain frequencies, particularly the Alpha and Theta states can:

  • alleviate stress and promote long lasting and substantial reductions in anxiety
  • facilitate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity
  • increase verbal performance IQ
  • synchronize both hemispheres of the brain
  • create vivid spontaneous mental imagery and imaginative thinking
  • reduce pain, promote feelings of euphoria and stimulate endorphins release.

Research has also shown that DNA can respond to thought and emotion. DNA is sensitive to the energy frequencies that surround its environment; namely the consciousness which you project through every cell of your being. By changing your beliefs and thought patterns, you can project energies of higher vibrations and make your body healthier and stronger.

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